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Re: apt-cdrom and dvd's

On Mon December 4 2006 17:20, Michael Fothergill wrote:
> Dear Debian folks,
> I tried using apt-cdrom add to let me scan my Sarge 3.1 r4 DVD I just
> burned.
> But the machine sniffed for a CDROM in the CD RW drive and didn't go for
> the DVD in the DVD RW drive......
> But there is no apt-dvd add command or so it seems?
> Unless there is a hidden dumbness here, can anyone think of a way to get OS
> to sniff in my new DVD and e.g. add any new packages that are in there (the
> OS is nominally Sarge 3.1 r3 with some net upgrades but probably not
> absolutely everything......
> At the moment if I choose a new package with apt it will direct me to the
> appropriate CDROM number in the Sarge CD set.
> It would be nice if I can tweak it to default to the DVD number (either 1
> or 2) instead.
> Sorry about the dumbness and laziness and non manual bedtime reading and
> ignoring Eric S Raymond etc.

I only have one dvd drive in my box so I've never tried this but man apt-cdrom 
tells me "apt-cdrom -d=/mount_point will do the trick. Likely /media/cdrom0 
or 1

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