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/dev/md0 don't start after controller change

Hi. Some days ago I have change my PCI SATA controller. My machine
have 6 disk, 2 on motherboad controllers and 4 onto PCI SATA
controller. I have 2 RAID software, one for system (RAID1) and one for
data (RAID5).

Before remove old PCI SATA controller I have mark as faulty all disk
on PCI SATA controller, and leave from /etc/fstab RAID5 references
(preserving data).

Now, I have change PCI SATA controller and it works perfetly, but
/dev/md0 (RAID1) do not  start correctly.

For resync and active RAID5 I done:
~# mdadm --assemble --scan /dev/md1

But if I do this command onto RAID1 it said that md0 is still in use
(sure! is root's partition!). If I add manually others disk (mdadm
--add /dev/md0 /dev/sdc1) it works, but on reboot only sda1 and sdb1
are parts of this raid, while sd{c,d,e,f}1 are mark as removed!

Can you help me?

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