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Re: what applications use famd?

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006 16:34:50 -0500
Matthew Krauss <Matthew@Greenberg-Group.com> wrote:

> I get a larger list - see below.  Also, that list includes Gamin, which 
> actually conflicts with fam. In fact, I'm confused.  If I try to install 
> fam, it tries to rip out a lot of Gnome stuff, and some other things, 
> like Samba.  This is apparently  because these things need Gamin, which 
> according to it's description is a subset of fam.  Why would all these 
> packages require a subset of fam, but not take fam itself?

Gamin was created to be a drop in replacement for Fam, that is
smaller, more secure, blah, blah.... 

KDE and Gnome both use it and since it provides notification for
file system changes it serves a useful function. For example if you have
Amarok or Rhythmbox open and from another application or from the
command line copy a song into your music directory the applications are
notified of the change and update their music databasee.

In strict terms I don't know if fam or gamin are required by any of
these things that depend on having one of them or if it's just expected
that most people will want the functions they provide if certain
packages are installed.

Later, Seeker

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