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Re: Can bot use Fn+F7 to switch LCD/CRT on Thinkpad X60s

On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 12:52:19 +0800, gulfstream wrote:
> I have use ibm_acpi module in my kernel(2.6.18), and I can use Fn+F4 to
> suspend to RAM and Fn+F12 to suspend to disk. But the system do not respond
> to Fn+F7, so I can not switch the LCD and external CRT. Moreover, when I run
> "echo video_switch > /proc/acpi/ibm/video" in the terminal, no any respond.
> How to solve this matter?
> My laptop is Thinkpad X60s with Intel 945GM graphics chipsets.

Install the i810switch package; I think it supports the 945GM card. You
will then have simple commands to turn LCD/CRT on and off. I know that
ACPI is well supported on Thinkpads, so it should also be possible to
assign these commands to special keys if you want to do so.

(I have an ASUS laptop with an Intel 855GM graphics card. I regularly
 give presentations at different places and i810switch has worked with
 every beamer that I have encountered so far.)


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