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Re: audio / video system

> I think the agnula web site and related list could be a good start.
> http://agnula.org/

Hi Raffaele,
I poked around a bit but couldn't really get a good idea of what's going on at
agnula. It's an umbrella group, right?


Hi Adam,
I started there but after I did it on my own :) and never installed demudi even if it's debian based.
I think there's no need in using a debian multimedia derivative when you can have debian itself and recompile the kernel adding rtc support and other audio stuff modules and removing other you don't need or never going to use in your life.

Anyway, as first approach to linux multimedia I found at least useful all the references to audio and video online res.

I am a "musician", I play and needed something similar to cubase (then the great Ardour) and wavelab (then audacity)... and something to let my Terratec EWS88MT work!


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