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Re: audio / video system - & energy efficiency

Johannes Wiedersich on 04/12/06 16:37, wrote:
Adam Hardy wrote:
I'm aiming to put together a PC with Etch as the OS, to use in my living
room as a hifi, TV and DVD player.

I've been using kaffeine on my thinkpad with an external usb DVB-T card
(cinnergy T2) and since recently with an external usb audio card
(Terratec phase 26) on debian etch.


Check out http://www.linuxtv.org/
There's sections on supported hardware.

As far as software is concerned, there are different possibilities. If
kaffeine is not media-center-enough for your needs, you could try vdr,
mythtv, etc. However, I'm stuck with kaffeine for simplicity of
configuration and set-up.

MythTV sounds great. Kaffeine too.

One question: all this has got to be relatively quiet which is difficult with the chips all humming away trying to stay cool, and another factor is the power consumption - my plan is to leave the server on most of the time so that the others in the house can use it without powering on the PC.

Energy consumption and efficiency are probably the other end of the spectrum from video performance - but I would like to get my power consumption under 100W - my current hardware (including all network hubs, modem, monitor etc) is 220W at rest. Which represents a fair portion of the house electricity bill if it's on 24/7.

Anyone thought about that?


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