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Re: audio / video system

Adam Hardy wrote:
> I'm aiming to put together a PC with Etch as the OS, to use in my living
> room as a hifi, TV and DVD player.

I've been using kaffeine on my thinkpad with an external usb DVB-T card
(cinnergy T2) and since recently with an external usb audio card
(Terratec phase 26) on debian etch.

The thinkpad has the advantage of being rather quite in the living room
environment as well as rather portable, if I wish to watch somewhere else.

The usb card works out of the box (support is in the kernel), the output
of the sound card works with the standard usb-card configuration from
the alsa project.

Of course are different players to try, but kaffeine does the job for me
for TV, DVB, audio etc.

Sound quality of the usb device connected to my high end amplifier
matches that of my high end cd player. (Somehow I haven't managed to
record stereo from linux, where the left channel is recorded in superb
quality to both left and right channel of the resultant file. Maybe a
configuration issue, I haven't figured out yet.)

> I've been surfing around alot looking for interesting sites or mailing
> lists where people are doing this, to find out more about the software
> and the hardware involved, but I'm not having much luck finding anything.
> Does anyone know of a good source of info or even have much experience
> doing that themselves?

Check out http://www.linuxtv.org/
There's sections on supported hardware.

As far as software is concerned, there are different possibilities. If
kaffeine is not media-center-enough for your needs, you could try vdr,
mythtv, etc. However, I'm stuck with kaffeine for simplicity of
configuration and set-up.


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