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Re: some text not showing up in PS file printed from a webpage

H.S. wrote:


Could somebody help me understand why I am not getting some symbols if I print this webpage:

to a PS file from Mozilla (1.7.12-1.2, on Debian Etch) using gs 8.54.dfsg.1-5?

In the ps file, I am missing the "w" symbols, e.g. from the first equation in "Bode' Plots For First Order Systems" section. In w'is place I am getting an blank space in the output PS file.


Interesting stuff. This won't help you, I think, but the "w" symbols show up fine with FireFox 2.0 (from upstream) and gs 8.54.dfsg.1-5 on Sid. We have the same gs. Is it FireFox that makes the diff? I viewed the entire ps file with gv 3.6.2-2 and all is there.


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