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Aptitude - Removing Unwanted Holds

For some bizarre reason, aptitude seems extremely fond of holding
packages at prior versions. This has resulted in at least one csae of
my system being afflicted by a known - and fixed - bug.

I use aptitude in its curses based gui mode. I typically do 'u',
to find out what new versions are available, possibly followed by 
selecting some specific new application I've decided I want - or
rejecting one of more apps I got by default. Then I do 'g', and get a
huge list of packages which 'could be upgraded but are being held
back'. I go through those selecting +, and hit g again. 

This kind-of, sort-of works. It is far too manual for my tastes. 
Moreover, it seems as if it doesn't even mention some upgradeable
packages - unless kdelibs has advanced by 2 versions since Friday, 
fixing a bug that was discussed (as already fixed) on this list on
Saturday. kdelibs was upgradeable but held today - and I know I'd 
looked specifically at it on Friday, given the problems Iw as trying
to fix.

I've seen a bunch of mention of aptitude commands that tell it to
forget various things, but I'm not finding a way to tell it to forget
all "holds". Is there any simple way to do this?

Second question - has anyone got any idea why it keeps hallucinating
holds I never requested? I suspect there's something bizarre about the
(company internal) package repository I'm using, and/or perhaps some 
package I haven't noticed yet is doing something I don't want (perhaps
using other packaging tools), but I may be completely wrong. 


(Arlie Stephens	                              arlie@worldash.org)

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