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Re: very short leases from D-Link DI524

On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 04:22:54PM -0600, W Paul Mills wrote:

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> richard@the-place.net wrote:
> > I wish mine worked like that. I got it from a box store. Here in Italy.
> > It'll be very difficult to persuade MediaWorld that it is faulty.
> I have not looked into how the lease time works, but curious if your
> problem might be due to some time of day setting on either your
> computer(s) or on the dlink.

I just checked and the DLink I am talking to had in fact the wrong date
-- I assume it doesn't keep time when unplugged from the power.  I
corrected the time and restarted the connection, and received a new
40-second lease..  So it is probably not that.

I have in the meantime also taken the three computers to the location
where the other DLInk is.  It was bought some time earlier, and
packaged differently, so may well be from a different batch.  It gives
identical leases to the machines.  My assumption at the moment is that
the computers are asking for it.  Somewhere there is a setting I haven't
found.  It is odd, thinking about it, that they would all three show
this as they were set up months or years apart, and from different
media.  Maybe it is a DLink feature after all...


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