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Re: How to install Google Notebook on Iceweasel?

On 12/4/06, Wayne Topa <linuxone@intergate.com> wrote:
Patrick Wiseman(pwiseman@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> On 12/3/06, Jianwei Xie <xieqi.org@gmail.com> wrote:
> (Incidentally, I'm on a Debian Etch/testing system and Firefox is still
> Firefox  (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060830
> Firefox/ (Debian-1.5.dfsg+ )); Iceweasel is nowhere to be
> found.  Have I missed something?)

Also running testing/etch

apt-cache search Iceweasel shows
iceweasel - lightweight web browser based on Mozilla

Maybe the Case??

After doing 'U' in aptitude (which does a dist-upgrade), [I|i]ceweasel is not listed as available.  A previous reply tells me it's not in testing yet because of release-critical bugs.  Maybe you have more than etch/testing in your sources?

When I do apt-cache search Iceweasel I get
openoffice.org - OpenOffice.org Office suite version 2.0
presumably because it recommends iceweasel | firefox | etc.

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