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Re: kweather

I changed the location line:  "report_location=CYYZ" (I also tried lower
> case).  This too failed.
That's what I do to get my location. On first run I add the applet to the panel to create that config file then remove it from the panel, change the report location manually and add the applet again then it works as expected.

> So, I'm stumped.  Please lemme know what you did to fix kweather on your
> machine.

I hope that will work for you since I don't remember doing anything else.

Thanks, that did work. I had previously tried changing the location line of the file when kweather was still active on the panel. It would always undo my changes, returning the location to "0000". Following your advice, I removed it from the panel, and then changed the location line. When I added it to the panel, it worked. Yes, now I know that it is raining, 3 degrees, and miserable outside.


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