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dist-upgrades sometimes find bugs


I never thought I'd see this, but my recent Sid dist-upgrade found a bug in my code.

It draws CPU temp graphs:

The generation of the X-axis tickmark labels is in a while loop that is never satisfied. Why did it ever run?

//      Put times into QByteArray
// while ( !d_time.toString().contains(end_time.toString()) ) { <=== Why did this ever work? [1]
    while ( !d_time.toString().contains("23:55:00") ) {
        d_time_str = d_time2.toString();
sprintf(lines->data()+bumper,"%s",d_time_str.data());//<== [1] segfault
d_time = d_time.addSecs(DEFAULT_IVAL_SECS); d_time2 = d_time2.addSecs(12*DEFAULT_IVAL_SECS);
    d_time_str = d_time2.toString();

Kept a backup of the before the upgrade and I'll try that.

I guess I'll never know which upgrade did it.


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