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How do I configure debootstrap from within the businesscard cd? (Ultra minimal install)

[Initially posted on alt.os.linux.debian, no replies.}

I believe that one can trim down a standard debootstrap installation
(currently 180MB for sarge and over 230 MB for etch) hacking  one of
the related scripts (eg: usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/sarge) and
modifying the 'base' variable, e.g.:

base="adduser apt apt-utils libdb4.2 at [... snip ...]"

As the debian-installer uses debootstrap, I have booted the business
card install cd and started a shell but couldn't find debootstrap or
any related scripts. But debootstrap-udeb has definitely such
Where are they, and how can I access them?

I know I could trim the installation later with deborphan or
aptitude, but it wouldn't be fun. Any help appreciated.


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