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corrupt postmaster

update-alternatives: internal error:
/var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/postmaster.1.gz corrupt: manflag
dpkg: error processing postgresql-7.4 (--configure):
subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2

I have been bad; I edited dkpg files by hand. My
/var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/postmaster.1.gz has no postgresql entry,
because I deleted it. I can't seem to convince dpkg to forget about
postgresql. I have no interest in getting postgresql to work, I just
want dpkg to be happy again. What should I do?

Various applications of installing postgresql (No good, it wants to
uninstall the old version first), purging with force options (doesn't
accomplish anything) have failed to work.

Here's what a dpkg audit tells me.

The following packages have been unpacked but not yet configured.
They must be configured using dpkg --configure or the configure
menu option in dselect for them to work:
postgresql           object-relational SQL database management system (transit

The following packages are only half configured, probably due to problems
configuring them the first time.  The configuration should be retried using
dpkg --configure <package> or the configure menu option in dselect:
postgresql-7.4       object-relational SQL database, version 7.4 server

Jonathan Pearce

Jonathan David Pearce jonathan@pearce.name
3EAAFB2A   http://www.jonathan.pearce.name/

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