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Re: Laptop choice?

Baz wrote:

> Thinkpad - it's the standard by which all others are measured...

My 2p on that: I've used two Thinkpads at work (but not with Linux), a
T20 and a T21.  Good points: very physically sturdy (a Dell Latitude
seems flimsy by comparison), and have a nice security feature (or scary
feature depending on your point of view) in that if you set a BIOS
password then it's held in non-volatile RAM, so can't be overridden by
removing the CMOS battery.  Bad point: the hard drives made a nasty
whining noise - so alarming that the IBM website even has a sample of it
for you to listen to so you can tell it's "normal" :)

These were quite elderly models - I'd love to hear how modern Thinkpads
compare on these points.

Nick Boyce

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