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Re: Re: No more than 255 device files with Debian Sarge

Hello Kevin,

I did diff my Debian kernel configuration with the one from
Ubuntu. Lots of differences but nothing really in the filesystem
area 8-(

I found two differences worth checking: Ubuntu has no DEVFS
support compiled/activated. And there was a raw files parameter
set to 255. Neither throwing out DEVFS nor increasing the raw
file number to 8192 did help...

Problem is that the driver concept of one of our projects
depends on the ability to generate more than 255 minor
numbers. Sigh...

Thanks anyhow for your reply!


Stefan Sperling
Network Administration / Software Development

Gesellschaft für Netzwerk- und Automatisierungstechnologie mbH  (N.A.T.)
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53757 Sankt Augustin

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N.A.T. is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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