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Re: Trend Micro Interscan VirusWall 6 on Debian Sarge

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Kevin Mark schrieb:
> On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 06:03:16PM +0100, Mathias Tauber wrote:
>>>>Unable to process request. Insufficient disk space. Increase available disk
>>>>space and try again.
>>>>On the hard drive we have about 20gb free space, so this shouldn't be the
>>>>problem (the installer itself checks if there's about 2gb free space
>>>I do not know anything about Trend Micro Interscan VirusWall. However, what 
>>>does the output of df say? You might have 20 GB of free space on the hard 
>>>drive, but what is the amount of free space on the partition that you are 
>>>trying to install this software?
>>of course there's enough space on the partition. Sorry for the confusing
>>text. I even tried to run the software on a one partition debian
>>installation (also about 20gb free on the complete partition), same result.
>>Thanks for the hint.
> Hi Mathias
> You and I think that the program is confused. But it is obtaining the
> information by some method. If you could determine what code does this,
> it could be either fixed or bypassed. Is the source available? If so,
> what languge? Other than that somehow using strace may locate what it is
> trying to check to satisfy its space needs. Also, maybe there is a
> configuration that will turn off this setting or a configuration that
> needs to be set to tell it where to check for space.

Just another hint...

have you tried
df -i
If there are many small files (and depending on how the file system was
created), the file system may have run out of inodes.

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