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Re: [OT] M$ collaborates with Suse

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On 11/05/06 12:28, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> But because of their lock on the desktop, they also have incredible
>> userland and developer mindshare.
>     You sure?  I had a rather interesting conversation at work the other day.
>  I work at a casino outside of Vegas and the guy in charge of what technology
> we use for our property came up to me and asked, "You're good at Linux, right?
>   Perl, Python scripting?"
>     "A-yeah."
>     "Good.  We can do a lot with Linux for very little cost.  Certainly
> something we're looking at."
>     Casinos out here are 2 things.  AS400 (ne iSeries) and WinServers.  My jaw
> about hit the floor when he said that.  We just got our first Linux server in
> the DC (Red Hat, booo) but the experience with it was good he's seriously
> looking at other uses we can apply Linux.  Granted we're not going to throw
> Linux at any AS400 application (which is pretty much anything to do with the
> floor or hotel) but a lot of our secondary services, the meat 'n 'taters of
> the infrastructure is really OS neutral.

Hopefully we'll be getting a Linux server as a near-line storage
system, and maybe a 10TB historical database server.

Our main system is also being migrated to Java and Oracle RAC hosted
on Linux.  Yay!!!!!!

But... the clients will still run Windows, if for no other reason
than mindshare.  "It's the desktop, the desktop is Windows."

>     Granted it doesn't happen everywhere but if a tech. guy is worth his salt
> he'll understand that just as his server OS ain't going to be ideal for the
> desktop chances are his desktop OS ain't gonna be the best for his servers.

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