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Re: nvidia problems (Sid dist-upgrade)

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 01:12:37 -0600, Damon L. Chesser wrote:


> How do you install the nvidia installer?  Every time I use it, I have to 
> re-run it at boot time to get it to work.

My guess is that you had the Debian nvidia-* packages installed at some
point. Check if you have these files on your system:


These scripts change the /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so
symlink (and probably others) at every boot. To get rid of them you have
to purge nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-common. (Merely removing these
packages is not enough since the boot scripts are considered
configuration files.)

Upgrading xserver-xorg-core will also overwrite nvidia's symlink, unless
you use dpkg-divert to prevent it. The Debian nvidia packages use the
same mechanism to avoid this problem. Some versions of the packages had
a bug and sometimes left the diversions in place after being removed. If
you have problems with upgrading xserver-xorg-core then you should make
sure that you do not see the following diversions:

$ grep -B 2 '^nvidia' /var/lib/dpkg/diversions

(i.e. the grep command above should not give you any output.)


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