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Re: Slow Firefox

celejar wrote:
> My Firefox (1.5 on Sid) is really, really slow (startup, getting /
> rendering pages, and even things like displaying the prefs screen) and
> frequently (generally whenever it's doing anything interesting, as
> above) raises cpu usage to 100%,

I got a 1.6 GHz Intel Dothan and 1 GB RAM and Firefox also take 100%
when starting up. Showing flash and heavy java (i think) pages also
gives a heavy load. It helped a bit to go back to default theme, but
only a bit.

>Jason Dunsmore
> Give Seamonkey a try.  It's not in Etch yet, but
> just copy to /usr/local/ to install it. 

I'm stuck with Firefox, cause it has a extension that let you
synchronize your bookmarks with a WebDav webserver. And since I'm
using more then one computer, it's the only system i found that can
for fill my needs,

Best regards


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