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Re: mutt and maildir question (after recent thread)

Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> wrote:

> On 29.10.06 15:54, Kevin Mark wrote:
> > I just took the plunge to try maildir. I use mutt and had to add a few
> > things to my .mutt/muttrc but it seems I'm missing some info. When I
> > used mbox, I could move a mail from mbox A to mbox B by using 's' in
> > mutt and then type in '=NEWMAILBOX' as the new location. This is not
> > quite working with maildir. I pressed 's' and then typed '=.new_mailbox'
> > and wanted it to add it to the new maildir. It asked if I wanted to
> > append the mail to that mailbox. I want the mail saved in
> > '=.new_mailbox/curr' as a unique maildir file. Whats the magic needed
> > for mutt and maildir?
> did you also set up mbox_type to Maildir?

And I think you also must append a / like '=.new_mailbox/'

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