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Re: Dumb question about unicode

cothrige <cothrige@bellsouth.net> writes:

> The big problem is that I don't particularly like xterm and use mrxvt,
> which does not have unicode support yet.  I can work around it mostly,
> but it isn't perfect and still breaks sometimes.  If possible, and
> assuming it won't break things, I would prefer to have some setting
> which will work better with my terminal choice.  But, I am wondering
> how it will affect my system overall to change from unicode and what
> the best way to do that would be.  Since I have never used unicode in
> the past I really have no experience with changing such things, and
> cannot guess just how it may affect other things than my terminal.
> Any thoughts?

It looks like mrxvt has as one of its main features, multiple tabs,
unless this is something you make use of, you might find rxvt-unicode
much nicer, it doesn't do multiple tabs but as its name suggests, it
handles unicode without a problem, and is based on rxvt.

Unicode is not likely to go away, you might not use it today, but there
are many occasions that you might see it in your terminal, in irc,
or when reading web-pages in w3m or lynx for example. 

At the moment mrxvt does not support utf-8 but perhaps it will in the
near future? If so, you might find rxvt-unicode an adequate interim
replacement. I would think this is a little simpler than trying to
remove unicode from your OS. 

-----Angelina Carlton-----
orchid on irc.freenode.net

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