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Re: Dumb question about unicode

* Justin Piszcz (jpiszcz@lucidpixels.com) wrote:
> One reason for it is to display e-mails correctly in pine, mind you, it 
> needs to be patched and configured with UTF8 support and you need to run 
> xterm -u8 but then at least e-mails written in the UTF8 charset look 
> correct :)
> Justin.

The big problem is that I don't particularly like xterm and use mrxvt,
which does not have unicode support yet.  I can work around it mostly,
but it isn't perfect and still breaks sometimes.  If possible, and
assuming it won't break things, I would prefer to have some setting
which will work better with my terminal choice.  But, I am wondering
how it will affect my system overall to change from unicode and what
the best way to do that would be.  Since I have never used unicode in
the past I really have no experience with changing such things, and
cannot guess just how it may affect other things than my terminal.
Any thoughts?

Many thanks,


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