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Re: Dumb question about unicode

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, cothrige wrote:

> Okay, I really am an idiot when it comes to unicode.  More than that
> if you ask my wife.  But, I have been wondering why I need unicode at
> all?  I never used it, knowingly, before Debian but I noticed that it
> is apparently the default now.  So, some apps are acting funny and I
> am wondering if I absolutely need to keep unicode support as default,
> and if not, how can I change it?
> My main trouble is mrxvt, which does not have unicode support.  If I
> run mutt in that terminal, which is my favorite, it will not draw the
> trees right.  Instead of nice little lines and arrows, it now produces
> junk looking characters.  Very ugly indeed.  In the past it always
> looked fine, without any unicode stuff, and now it is not so nice.
> There is a workaround given at the mrxvt site which sometimes works,
> depending on how I invoke the terminal, but it is awkward at best and
> is not consistent in its results.  And so I am wondering how essential
> or needed unicode is, and if not completely essential, how do I change
> to something else?
> Many thanks,
> Patrick
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One reason for it is to display e-mails correctly in pine, mind you, it 
needs to be patched and configured with UTF8 support and you need to run 
xterm -u8 but then at least e-mails written in the UTF8 charset look 
correct :)


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