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Re: Classic Gnubie accident

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On 10/29/06 15:21, anthony wrote:
> Hello
> I'm embarrassed to admit this, but after using various flavours of
> debian for over a year 've managed to lock myself out of my /home
> directory. When I log in I get the message - your home directory .dmrc
> file has the wrong permissions - permissions should be set to 664
> (its actually the whole /home directory that has the wrong permissions)
> I have tried logging in to a failsafe terminal and fixing this by using
> chown username  /home/anthony/.dmrc
> the file now has these permissions:
> -rw-rw-r-- 1 anthony anthony 26 2006-09-21 18:56 /home/anthony/.dmrc
> but the login message is the same.
> I am reading the debian manual on file permissions, but I don't see an
> obvious way to reset this especially since I only have access to this
> file as root. 
> Any help much appreciated

This is (one reason) why I don't like GUI login managers.

If you have a boot CD, fire it up and go from there.

And then purge xdm, gdm, kdm and log in like a Real Geek.

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