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cd-rom iso image with /etc/apt/sources.list, local repository

Is it possible to configure /etc/apt/sources.list to read a CD-ROM or DVD ISO image in place of a physical CD-ROM? I am thinking in terms of mounting the ISO image with the "loop" option of mount, as I do when using jigdo-lite to update the image.

Actually, instead of updating a dozen or more CD-ROM images, I switched over to DVD images, inasmuch as there are only three. I do not plan to burn DVDs, but this does provide me a local copy of the Debian i386 "testing" repository with little effort.

I would prefer to switch from DVD images to a Debian i386 "testing" repository within the LAN. Can a local repository be updated as easily as CD-ROM and DVD images can be updated with jidgo-lite? Is there a simple HOWTO for a single-architecture, single-distribution local repository?


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