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Reboot looses configurations

Hi all,

After rebooting my system (3.1r0a), certain files seem to revert to default
configurations or modifications disappear altogether. The system works
fine otherwise. Uptime was 30+ days.

This happens with route, /etc/hosts, new devices in /dev/ and alsa.

With route I loose the current default route and an obsolete gw line to
a (now) non-existent firewall/gateway appears. I have to delete it and
replace it with the current default route. The old gw was current at the time
of installation.

With /etc/hosts, after rebooting I get a file with a date in August,
lacking current data which has to be updated to current status.
Networking was working fine before the reboot and after the update works
fine again. Permissions are 0644 root:root. 

With /dev, when I add new devices using mdnod, they disappear after the
reboot and have to be added again. They worked fine before the reboot,
but have to be added again. Also the MAKEDEV script doesn't work.

With alsa I had to run alsaconf again. The configuration files had
disappeared. This also applied to some symbolic links. /dev/dvd -> hda. 

Files in /home don't appear to have been affected.  

All partitions except swap and / are reiser filesystems. / is ext3.
/etc/fstab yeilds:
hde1	/ 	ext3	defaults,errors=remount-ro  0 1 

Have the scripts finally taken over? Most of the changes I made were done
manually. In the past, changes made manually were respected by the scripts.
Has this changed?

All suggestions appreciated,


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