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Re: Does Debian Support PERC & PERC 3 RAID?

On 28-okt-2006, at 23:01, Douglas Tutty wrote:

On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 06:02:11PM +0000, Charles E. Boston wrote:
Hi there,

Here's my dilemma. I own an old Dell PowerEdge 2300 that is is very
good operating condition and it still takes care of my needs. I would
like to install a Linux OS on it to dual boot with Windows Server
2003. The Windows OS is installed The drives are partitioned and
waiting for the my Linux OS of choice. I have tried Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
but it does not recognize my RAID configuration. It will not proceed
past the stage where it scans the drives for available space.

From what I have been told it seems that support for PERC 2 & PERC 3
RAID is not included in the 2.6 Linux kernel. So, I am on the hunt for
a server distro that will work with my old hardware. Could that be
Debian or are there others that I should consider? Thanks!

I have been told that most 'hardware' raid as found on motherboards is
really bios-configured windows software raid and that for raid under
linux to use the kernel software raid or a dedicated hardware raid card.

Please confirm that to install linux you __need__ linux to recognize
your existing raid setup?  If so, why?

If you have two disks with partitions free ready for linux, in addition
to windows on its own partitions, why can't you go ahead and install
debian setting up raid as you go?

However, if you need the linux system to access your windows-raid
partitions then it may be quite the trick.

I hope someone with some experience with this issue can help.


I faced a similar problem some time ago with a promise fakeraid card. In the end I decided to use linux software RAID, but in my research came across a site discussing the use of the fakeraid card directly under Ubuntu using dmraid. It should be easy to translate it to debian. Not sure dmraid supports your card though.



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