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Does Debian Support PERC & PERC 3 RAID?

Hi there,

Here's my dilemma. I own an old Dell PowerEdge 2300 that is is very good operating condition and it still takes care of my needs. I would like to install a Linux OS on it to dual boot with Windows Server 2003. The Windows OS is installed The drives are partitioned and waiting for the my Linux OS of choice. I have tried Ubuntu 6.06 LTS but it does not recognize my RAID configuration. It will not proceed past the stage where it scans the drives for available space. 

>From what I have been told it seems that support for PERC 2 & PERC 3 RAID is not included in the 2.6 Linux kernel. So, I am on the hunt for a server distro that will work with my old hardware. Could that be Debian or are there others that I should consider? Thanks!


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