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Re: rhythmbox missing files

Sven Arvidsson on 26/10/06 18:21, wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 23:17 +0100, Adam Hardy wrote:
Just upgraded to the excellent new version 0.9.6 of rhythmbox, but I'm wondering why rhythmbox is listing half of my files in the missing files list.

They are not missing, at least not as far as any other music player on my machine can tell. Well, mplayer at least. Rhythmbox doesn't want to play them though.

Does anyone know? Any rhythmbox afficionados out there?


I haven't seen any bug reports about this, are you sure that the songs
still have the same filename and path?
Are the missing songs on a local filesystem or shared by nfs/ssh or

OOOPS! Me stoopid. The missing files are not the problem at all, they are just a red herring.

I just moved all my files, and rhythmbox figured that all my files should be in their original location but were missing. So I cleared them out.

But what is giving me problems is an album of MP3s that doesn't appear anywhere after importing. I imported the directory containing several albums of MP3s and most of the albums appeared, but one didn't. The MP3s are not in the problems folder, and they're not in the missing folder either.


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