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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
A year ago, I asked debian-user about favourite applications. The big
winners in that thread were GIMP, Firefox, K3b, gThumb, and
Thunderbird. I would like to start it again, and I would like those
who are get bored by this to please pardon me.

Here goes my new list (If you don't use certain things, please leave
the brackets blank like I did for audio editor, instead of leaving
them occupied with previous entries; this is to make the counting more
Well.... I use Debian (and Linux) exclusively in a headless server environment, so very few on the list make it into my favorite application list, with the exception
* DBMS [ ] MySQL (though it would probably be PostGreSQL if I ever had the time to migrate.
* development [ Python, GTK+ ] PHP
* e-mail client [ (none) - I use GMail ] Pine via terminal, otherwise SeaMonkey remotely
* file manager [ nautilus ] bash
* ftp [ ] default ftp
*misc utilities [ sudo, grep, dpkg-www, lsof, top, uptimed, sloccount, wget ] top
* package manager [ aptitude ] apt
* text editor [ gedit, nano ] pico, pine
Then, of course there's:

* web server: Apache
* web calendar: WebCalendar

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