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Re: micro debian

Douglas Tutty wrote:
Does anyone know of a project to make a micro-distribution of debian for
use on older hardware?  Eg 486, 32 MB, 100 MB.  One problem with

There is a LiveCD named DSL (D*mn Small Linux) which I occasionally run
on a machine with an AMD586 16MB RAM and essentially no hard disc space


For ancillary computer uses (e.g. a firewall), having an install option
that focuses on a small footprint would be usefull, eg. no man pages,
no documentation, etc since that's all on the main computer.  This
suggests a modified package installation where the documentation doesn't
get installed.  However, for security I would want to use the regular
debian packages.  I don't want a totally separate distro.

Sounds like DSL. But that's not Debian. It may be based on Debian;
I don't know. I know of no "Debian Lite", but I'm not a Debian

Anyway, if you decide to try it, I can help you with the magic
incantations to make it run. On my machine it wasn't just an
"insert CDROM and go", in part because the BIOS can't boot
from CDROM, and in part because of only 16MB of RAM.

If you like, contact me off-list, since this isn't strictly
a Debian thing I'm suggesting.

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