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Re: Petition about the Firefox trademark problem

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AFAIK, the name change is not pure Debian, it is a GNU thing. So what
does it mean?

To me it means that i can finally get a decent browser
released under GNU, not under a proprietary license.

I still don't understand the sense of introducing new "free" logo.

Tell me why should I use Firefox with free logo ("IceWeasel") instead of copyrighted "Firefox" until the source and binary is freely available and licensed for purposes I need ?

Only for purity or I miss something ? For purity there is "non-free" category.

I have to live with Acrobat Reader and Macromedia Flash why should I care for one another trademark ?

What's more - as a user I prefer copyrighted but live Firefox developed by Firefox people rather than potentially dead or orphaned fork.


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