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Re: The crippled resurrection of said etch.

> When I mentioned re-installing etch 'after you have finished
> debugging' etch, I might better have said 'when you decide further
> efforts are futile'.

Ah!  When I've *given up* debugging.

> But I have no feeling for when it becomes
> futile. I generally give up rather easily. I'm a coward, but I don't
> recommend it, I just am.

I was about to give up when it wouldn't boot at all, not even in 
maintenance mode.  But somebody found me a workaround -- rerunning lilo 
from the other system.

Also, there's the matter of pride.  I've said too much here about not 
having to reinstall Debian.  Whereas I've had to reinstall Windows 
several times, until the last time I couldn't install it any more.  It 
just categorically refused to accept the partition it had been installed 
in before.

Ah yes.  Pride goeth before the crash.

-- hendrik

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