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Re: The sad demise of an etch.

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:

>> what is your boot manager?
> lilo
>> did its configuration get corrupted?
> Not as far as I know.  But I'll try rerunning lilo from the sarge
> system.  Both etch and sarge have compatible lilo.conf files.

certainly wouldn't hurt...

>> or maybe
>> you've got a bad block?
> Hope not.  If so I'll have do discard the hard disk *fast*.


I recommend you boot a rescue cd and do a full fsck on the thing. maybe,
as well, the partition table got corrupted and the kernel can't find the
partition as a result. might check in to that as well.

>> I've seen this before on my system and can't
>> remember what it was.
>> does it hang there or drop you to busybox?
> It hangs, unresponsive.  What's busybox?

its the minimal shell provided in the initrd that allows you to repair
stuff if there is trouble booting. sometimes it comes up and can be very

>>> I am tempted to pronounce this etch installation dead and reinstall from 
>>> scratch.  I'm also reluctant to do this, becase of Debian's reputation 
>>> as being the system that never needs to be reinstalled.  Sarge, of 
>>> course, continues to soldier on without any problems at all (except for 
>>> application obsolescence -- but that's spec)
>>> Or should I do something radical to get current software, such as 
>>> installing gentoo on the former etch partition?
>> ack! bite your tongue! ;-0
> No... that hurts.
> The argument for having gentoo is that it really comes close to 
> the *latest* software, and is seems to be free of the version skews 
> imposed by package construction using different versions of, say, the C 
> and C++ run-times.  On the other hand, installation and upgrading take 
> inordinately long, and I will no longer have the graceful handover from 
> testing to stable, after which the partition containing the former 
> stable system is upgraded to new testing.
> Oh yes, gentoo is reported to have some stability problems, which is 
> unlikely to be worse than what's happening to me with etch now.

fair point.

good luck'


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