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kernel module static compilation: how to pass options


First, sorry for bad English !! 

I would like to know how to pass options to some
modules compilled statically in the kernel .
I know I have to append options to the kernel line in
my boot loader configuration file but ...

1 - In the case of two ethernet cards : how to
distinguish  one from the other , more precisely to
affect the name that I want to each (eth0,1,2 ..)
....kernel ether=..,..,eth0 ether=..,..,eth1 ?

2 - In the case of a bonding link : how to pass
options name, mode ...

....kernel bonding.mode=0 but how to pass the name of
the future interface 

I have already read Documentation
(kernel_parameters.txt and bonding.txt) of the kernel
but without success

If someone can help me 



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