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Re: The sad demise of an etch.

On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 08:26:20AM -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> well, that's all good news. sounds like lilo got borked there and that
> was your problem.

Looks like it. The problem on top of the stack, anyway.

 THe X problem was surely unrelated, but may have
> come from the same upgrade.

> I have to say, it must be nice to have two
> installs on the same machine as it makes diagnosing really easy...

I wouldn't dream of running any other way.

> I
> may look into it: just a minimal install of sarge on a small partition
> just so that I have something bootable and usable if I bork my sid
> system.

It takes a little bit of effort if the new system uses a file system 
that's not in the old.  I had to work at it when I had a woody/sarge 
split and sarge was installed on a reiserfs.  A kernel upgrade on 
woody did the trick -- maybe a reiserfs module too -- I forget?

> As far as the X problem, who knows. its a finicky thing sometimes,
> right? 

Way too finicky.  That, in my opinion, is its biggest bug.
As of this posting, I have no idea whether the X problem is fixed, or 
I'm just lucky once.

Other matters:  I finnally got the clocks on my systems to synchronise 
-- chrony wasn't up to the task, but ntpdate did the trick.

Still suffering from reported X server bug on my AMD-64.

The etch mozilla has decided to lose my bookmarks yet again.

Can't get NFS sile locking to work.

I'll send this and try rebooting now.

-- hendrik

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