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onboard audio problems with Connectland USB web cam Debian Etch

Hello everyone,

I have an AMD64 desktop PC running Debian Etch for amd64.  The on-board
uses the standard Intel ICH driver in alsa.  If I try booting the
computer with the Connectland USB web-cam... the built-in audio (a
microphone) interferes with the onboard audio.  The only solution I have
found is to leave the web-cam unplugged until it is fully booted.  

The machine is running kernel version 2.6.16-2-amd64-k8.  Having the
webam's microphone work is not necessary.  If you have any suggestions
on how I could keep the webcam plugged in and not interfere with my
on board audio I would greatly appreciate it!


John Anderson
  John Kerr Anderson
  Tel:    989 793 7720
  Mobile: 989 482 8115

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