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Re: Asus K8N-DL etch install notes

Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:
I don't have the time right now to put together a full formal report,
but I thought I should at least mention my experience installing the
etch beta3 amd64 netinst onto a system with an Asus K8N-DL motherboard
and a SATA HDD. At initial glance, everything seems to have gone rather

The main thing to note is that, although it booted from the external USB
CD drive fine, the installer couldn't use the CD afterwards - there'd be
USB errors like "device descriptor read/64, error -110" and whatever.
modprobe -r'ing ehci modules and relying on OHCI fixed that, though. (I
also replugged-in the drive and remounted it, but I don't know if that
was necessary.)

It was minorly annoying that it didn't offer to let me set the severity
level of messages that debconf asks me about in installing packages: I
thought I was being asked suspiciously little before I realised what had

Congrats! Looks like a nice board:
What about sound + sensor info on that board? Do they work right away?


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