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Re: No xterm (or equivalents) immediately accessible in default etch

Jameson C. Burt wrote:

I'll also accept your solution to start gnome-terminal from a command-line using
Luckily, when done once, Gnome usually saves even that effort, since
Gnome remembers the previous gnome-terminal application between boots.

If you install the 'nautilus-open-terminal' package, you can open up a terminal on demand right off the desktop menu (ie. right clicking on the desktop with the mouse). That really does the trick for me. (Although I also have the gnome-terminal icon on both my top and bottom panels.)

And I'd like to say that what I really like about the present state of linux is that it gives the comfort of using a gui to make things easier at times but it also gives you the extreme flexibility of going "under the hood" as far as you want to issue commands at the shell and configure as far as the user wants (everything is readily configurable under the hood). This differs strikingly from OS's like Windows in my opinion.

Jose Alburquerque

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