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Re: "mount /dev/sde1" is old vfat whole disk unless "-t ext2"

On 19.10.06 12:54, Jameson C. Burt wrote:
> I took a 4 year old 80GB disk drive, formerly running Microsoft Windows,
> then repartitioned it with fdisk.
> But I get the following odd behavior
>   mount         /dev/sde1  /mnt  #Mounts as 80GB vfat
>   mount -t ext2 /dev/sde1  /mnt  #Mounts as 1GB  ext2
> Of course,  "-t ext2" will guarantee no other partition type gets used,
> but a mount without options I would not expect to do either of
> a. Mount the whole disk drive, all 80GB rather than 1GB.
> b. Mount a different filesystem (vfat) type than 
>    I set with fdisk (83).

> I suppose that any of the commands "shred", "wide", "sterilize", or
>    dd   if=/dev/zero   of=/dev/sde   bs=1000  count=80000000
> would prepare a disk drive so that later
> no ext2 partition would "mount" as a Microsoft vfat partition.
> However, one is behooved to use fewer such dangerous commands.
> Since 1994, I have used the following standard sequence to prepare 
> a Linux disk drive, whether that drive was old or new,
>    fdisk (or cfdisk) to create partitions 
>    mkfs (or mke2fs) to put filesystems on those partitions
>    /etc/fstab  changes if I want system mounts
>    e2label  if I want to mount with a label

Similar thing happened to me with UFS on Solaris 2.4. I guess that FAS
filesystem(s) put a signature on the device (disk or partition) which mke2fs
does not wipe, so the "autodetection" will find VFAT filesystem even when
ext2 was made on that device later.

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