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Re: md5sum lots of files

Grok Mogger <linuximp <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I'd like to cksum or md5sum the files just to 
> make sure that they were all copied well.  I can't seem to find 
> a way to recurse through the directories and do this to a lot of 
> files. 

There's a package called 'cfv' which can do exactly that.  Here's how:

1. make sure the file you're going to use to store the checksums doesn't exist:

$ rm -f /tmp/sums.md5

2. cd into the directory you copied:

$ cd /tmp/old

3. create the checksum file:

$ cfv -C -rr -t md5 -f /tmp/sums.md5
/tmp/sums.md5: 3 files, 3 OK.  0.037 seconds, 2.4K/s

4. cd into the directory you copied to:

$ cd /tmp/new

5. check that the copied files match the originals:

$ cfv -f /tmp/sums.md5
dir2/date3.txt : crc does not match
/tmp/sums.md5: 3 files, 2 OK, 1 badcrc.  0.010 seconds, 8.5K/s

I copied /tmp/old to /tmp/new and corrupted dir2/date3.txt in the copy.  cfv
correctly reports the corrupted file.


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