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Re: modem: internal or external?

dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote in [🔎] 20061019025125.GA2624@pluto:">news:[🔎] 20061019025125.GA2624@pluto:

> What is the current wisdom for a solid reliable modem?  Should I go
> external via the serial port or internal?  Is USR still the defacto gold
> standard?
Don't care about the brand of the modem, but prohibit _any_ internal ones ! 
The reason is moderm modems are almost all softmodems, witch needs 
proprietary (and commercial) drivers... Moreover, they use lot of 
ressources on the computer !
With external serial modems, you are assured to get a good robust old-
school hardware modem that will work perfectly on any hardware and OS ;)


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