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Re: System maintenance

> * Roberto C. Sanchez (roberto@connexer.com) wrote:
> >
> > I like it because you can configure it to update the package list and do > > nothing, to update the package list and download any pending updates but
> > not install them, or to update, download and install all without
> > intervention.
> Sounds really quite good.  I do have one question though.  I had
> initially thought to install Sarge, but after two downloads and two
> separate discs burned, I could not succesfully do so.  So, I went with
> Etch.  What I am wondering is if an automated tool like this will work
> as well for testing as it will for stable?  I am assuming that there
> is much more change to the packages in testing and therefore more than
> security updates.  Will that possibly cause problems, if you see what
> I am getting at?
> With Etch there will be more updates.  I also recommend against having
> them automatically installed since they may be more disruptive.  The
> main problem is that the freeze is impending.  This means that there is
> a flurry of activity as maintainers try and get updated version of their
>packages into Sid in time for them to migrate to Etch.  Your call.

Would you really want to run something like cron-apt to keep your system up to date? Is that generally what people do? Just run a big apt-get update, apt-get upgrade? I'd just think that could have negative consequences (like breaking something). Does it, or is that generally safe practice?

If that is a bad idea, then is there any easy way to just get critical security updates and sort of leave everything else as is?

- GM

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