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Re: Trouble with cron

cothrige wrote:
I am a Debian newb, coming from Slackware, and am trying to set up a
cronjob as a user.  In other systems all I did was crontab -e and then
added the job.  After if I ran crontab -l it was listed right there
ready to go.  However, this is not working in Debian.  Cron is
installed and running, but when I enter the command and save it
crontab -l lists nothing at all, and nothing runs.  Is there some step
I am overlooking?  I have never had to do otherwise before, and have
tried reading online for Debian specific tips, but so far everything
comes back the same as I would expect.  But, still, no cronjob.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hello Patrick,

debian's crontab works (almost) like with any other distribution.

Which editor are you using? Please do a
ll /etc/alternatives/editor

On my system it shows
johannes2:/etc/alternatives# ll /etc/alternatives/editor
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2006-09-25 09:05 /etc/alternatives/editor -> /bin/nano

since I configured nano as the default editor. I suspect that you might unknowingly run an unfamiliar editor and might unknowingly quit without saving.

You can change it to your favourite editor (provided it is installed) by running

update-alternatives --config editor

In contrast to other distributions, in debian one can configure different alternatives for common tasks.

On my sytem, eg., there are 6 alternatives for an editor and
3 alternatives for different versions of ghostscript.

HTH, regards Johannes

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