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(FIXED) Re: startx question -- Etch & Xorg vs Sarge and XFree86

Liam O'Toole wrote:

On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:29:33 -0700
Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> wrote:

I am currently running Sarge with XFree86.  I have done a chroot
install of Etch with Xorg.  When I boot into Sarge I run X with the

startx -- :1.0 vt07 (through an alias)

and my wife uses

startx -- :0.0 vt08

That way we can each have seperate X sessions open at the same time, with our own preferences, colors, bookmarks, etc.

When I boot to Etch, however, this results in a blank gray X screen
and no mouse keys seem to do anything, so I can not even open an
xterm.  All I can do is a ctl-alt-bksp to get out of X entirely.  If
I remove the alias so that startx uses no commandline parameters,
then X starts up fine, using fvwm2, setting my background color and
opening an mrxvt terminal (all this is in .xinitrc).

Does Xorg handle parameters to startx differently?  Is there some way
to get this same functionality in Etch with Xorg?  Without it, I may
have to stick with Sarge and XFree86.

Try using .Xsession instead of .xinitrc. For backward compatibility, do

   ln -s .xinitrc .Xsession

Also, consider putting the server arguments in .xserverrc rather than
using an alias. You can override those arguments on the command line
when required.
I changed the ':1.0' to ':1' and the ':0.0' to ':0' and it eventually started working. Putting the server args in Xsession did not seem to work, even with the change in format. I may play around with that some more, but for now using the alias is doing what I need.

Thanks for the input.

Marc Shapiro

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