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Re: Debian-friendly ISP in Milwaukee area?

On Sat October 7 2006 04:43 pm, Jeffrey Rolland wrote:
> Hello, all!
> In my recent posting, I have stated that I am trying to log onto a
> dial-up ISP that doesn't support Linux, and requested help. I do not
> hold out much hope for help, so I'd like to try another avenue.
> Does any one know of a standard, $10/month dial-up ISP with local
> access numbers in Milwaukee, WI that officially supports Linux
> (hopefully even Debian)?

I haven't used dial-up for a number of years but have used it in the past. 
When I first started using linux I was using dial up and had no problems with 
it so I think it should work OK regardless of what the ISP thinks of Debian 
and/or linux.

I think I won't be able to help myself since I've forgotten now how it works, 
but I'm sure someone here can help you if you can give us some indication of 
what is wrong.

Does your modem work with linux? The modem in this box doesn't (winmodem) but 
since I don't use a modem anymore I don't worry about it. I did use this 
modem some years ago but I had to compile a module for it (long story).

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