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Re: problems with CD-Writer

On Sat, Oct 07, 2006 at 07:47:41AM -0700, Brad Brock wrote:
> It's a Lite-on CD-RW.It's seen as /dev/hdd, but when I
> use it to read a CD, I got no problem. /dev/cdrom and
> /dev/cdrw point to /dev/hdd, is it normal?? I'm using
> Debian etch.
> This is output when I execute "cdrecord -scanbus" :
> NOTE: this version of cdrecord is an inofficial
> (modified) release of cdrecord
>       and thus may have bugs that are not present in
> the original version.
>       Please send bug reports and support requests to
> <cdrtools@packages.debian.org>.
>       The original author should not be bothered with
> problems of this version.
> cdrecord: Warning: Running on Linux-2.6.16-2-486
> cdrecord: There are unsettled issues with Linux-2.5
> and newer.
> cdrecord: If you have unexpected problems, please try
> Linux-2.4 or Solaris.
> cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open
> '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open SCSI driver.
> cdrecord: For possible targets try 'cdrecord
> -scanbus'.
> cdrecord: For possible transport specifiers try
> 'cdrecord dev=help'.
> cdrecord:
> cdrecord: For more information, install the
> cdrtools-doc
> cdrecord: package and read
> /usr/share/doc/cdrecord/README.ATAPI.setup .
> So, what should I do?

Try `cdrecord dev=ATA -scanbus`

Also, what are the contents of /etc/default/cdrecord?



Roberto C. Sanchez

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