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Re: gxine and real on BBC radio

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 21:44:48 -0700 (PDT)
libre fan <kiltoch@apinc.org> wrote:

(someone else wrote the following, I think):

> But the w32codecs aren't free (libre) either.
> The difference is I can use a couple of codecs instead of using a full
> application.

But you need w32codecs to be able to do the *rm / *smil formats that
BBC radio offers, I would think. Also you need 'cooklib' (libcook.so.*)
which I believe is the realaudio format library.

> Have your tired to capture a stream with Mplayer on BBC4? How do you do
> this? The only URL I can copy is one starting with http:// this isn't the

Normally, I would use mplayer this way, but using the -ao (audio out)
option to send it to a file rather than the speaker. For instance

mplayer -ao pcm:file=test.wav <url> 

You can also use -dumpaudio but that saves in an internal dump file
format that you need to use mplayer again to turn it into something
that you can actually play somewhere else, such as mp3 for your mp3
player or wav for burning to a cd that you can play in a cd player.

For audio only you probably want something like:

mplayer -vo null -vc dummy -ao pcm:file=test.wav <url>

As far as trying to record bbc4, I have tried a few times to record
programs (such as hitchhiker's guide that was on a while ago) but ended
up with the audio screwed up about 20 minutes into the show when I
listened to it later. I believe this still happens with bbc4 - but I
haven't heard it occuring with other places. I had to d/l the eps from

Also, kmplayer is another alternative to gxine front end (as is Amarok
and so forth). OTOH, kmplayer comes with a number of links for playing
audio, and so does gxine. Would be better if one or the other had all
these bookmarks preloaded...

> right protocol, is it? The BBC doesn't want you to record anything although
> they offer some programms that can be saved on your HD.

Maybe not. I wonder if there's something that gets slipped in the
streams that screw up the recording?

> libre fan

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